Wiiiiiii – it’s gone with a swish!

After two years of near misses, the Wii Mini provided by club sponsors Levett Consultancy has finally been won!
After winning the shoot-out during the pre-game coaching, Rio had a chance to win the console, but unfortunately the seven-year-old saw his shots from the free-throw line both bank slightly to the left.
After a half-time shoot-out had seen ten-year-old Caitlin win the tin of sweets she had the chance to win the Wii by hitting a three-pointer and the youngster who plays for our partner club Harlow Hawks as well as Essex and East of England stepped up at the end of third period.
Having recently helped her school win both the district and Herts County championships, she made no mistake with shot that hit nothing but net to win the Wii.
The pre-game returns at 5pm when Leopards host league leaders Nottingham Hoods on Saturday January 20, with the chance to win a digital camcorder from the Big Cats. Call 07828 470015 to book a place.