Tom’s delighted with Cup win

Leopards’ coach Thomas Baker was a happy man after his side powered their way into the National Cup quarter finals with a comfortable win against Nottingham Hoods.
“The guys played tremendously well for 3 quarters” he said
“We started exceptionally well: getting stops, pushing the ball and hitting shots early. This continued for much of the first half.
” Even with a few personnel missing, Hoods are still a dangerous side, so to hold them to 30 points at the half was a massive positive for us on the defensive end and it proved that the changes we have made recently are starting to show. 3rd quarter continues to be strong for us and we pushed the lead out to 35 at one point with some remarkable shooting and solid team defence.
“The journey for us continues to be how we close out games and understanding that we have to keep pushing until the end. Overall a fantastic performance from the team, there is a lot I am happy about, the challenge now is repeating the things that helped us be successful in the first 3 quarters and be consistent across the rest of the season