Leopards – the future

When a group of Leopards supporters got together in autumn of 2003 with the intention of ensuring that the club resurfaced after spending the 2003/4 in abeyance, the intention was that the club would be run by its fans. By and large we have achieved that over the last 14 years but the club is reaching the point where it’s being run by an increasingly small group of people.
Leopards are solvent, and have the finance to operate in the 2018/19 season. We are working on something that will enable us to take the club forward on the court, but there are key off-court roles that need filling if we are to operate successfully.
Community officer – This is the most important of the roles available. We have always prided ourselves on providing coaching in schools and spreading the message that basketball is the best game in the world. . in addition, providing the coaching generates income and provides work which allows us to recruit players. We need someone to take on the organisation of our community programme and help apply for grants to fund it.
Merchandise manager – Part of the game-day experience at Leopards is the chance for people to buy Big Cats’ merchandise and for kids to buy balls. We need someone to manage the merchandise desk on a game-day. Like the community officer position, it’s a role that still allows you to watch the game.
Kit manager = The players don’t always believe it, but the kit doesn’t magically arrive on game-days. The kit manager wouldn’t be expected to wash it every week –though it would be nice if he or she could take a turn – but to co-ordinate who washes it and ensure that the correct kit is available for every game.
Mini bus drivers – We’ve been fortunate that the majority of games have been near enough to travel by car/train this season. But we could do with a couple of people who were willing to drive a bus once or twice each season. You need D1 on your driving licence.
Waterboy/girl – Currently done by Caitlin whose playing commitments are taking up an increasing amount of team. We need someone aged at least 12 to fill the water bottles, give them to sweaty players as they come off the court, and generally look after the balls/kit on the bench at home games and any away game you’re able to get to.
Events manager – The club’s GM doesn’t really agree, but some people like to see more than just basketball and a basketball game. We’re looking for someone to improve our general gameday experience. And bring back the duck chuck.
Media work – If there’s any budding journalists out there, we could do with someone to provide additional content – such as interviews and features for our website.
We could always use general help on gamedays, as well, those advertising boards don’t put themselves up! Full help and advice will be given to anyone who can fill any of the above roles – no one will be chucked in at the deep end. If you fell you can help Leopards in any way, or are just interested in more information, please call General Manager Dave Ryan on 07828 470015 or mail daveryan427@aol.com.