Leopards roster unveiled

Tosin Oyelese receives the 2015/16 MVP award from sponsor Paul Levett;The new season stars serious this weekend – preview here – and Levett Leopards are pleased to announce their roster.

Coach Steve Ogunjimi and assistant Roger Malpass have been working hard throughout the summer to put a competitive team of the floor, and our roster contains a nice mix of returning players from last season, guys who’ve been with us before and some new faces.

Leopards’ 2015/6 MVP Tosin Oylese returns along with Justin Hitchman, Dougie Bennett, Ladi Brown, Brian Nguru and Jamie Hayes – obviously having half your roster back gives an element of continuity which is always a help.

Most Leopards’ fans will remember Dave Ajumobi, who we welcome back after a season with Reading Rockets, while you’ve got to be a bit older to remember Mike Martin who returns 15 years after he played for the original Leopards.

Young forward Shaq Lewis certainly made an impression against Team USA Select when we were last here, while Dominic Scott-Robinson and Caleb Tabanar join us as part of our link up with Oaklands College which we believe will be greatly beneficial to us.

We certainly have a strong front court this season, and we’re still working on strengthening at the guard spots – with more players set to join in the coming weeks – as we look to bring home some silverware.

So, this season’s Leopards:


4 Dougie Bennett  6’ 2” Guard Sponsored by: Curves & Couture

5 Dominic Scott-Robinson 6’ 6” Forward 

6 Brian Nguru   5’ 11” Guard Sponsored by: The Wright family

8 Tosin Oyelese   6’ 5” Forward Sponsored by: Kev Cooke

10 Ladi Brown   6’ 4” Guard To sponsor Ladi call 07828 470015

11 Mike Martin   6’ 8” Forward  Sponsored by: Clarendon Contracts

13 David Ajumobi  6’ 5”  Forward  Sponsored by: Curves & Couture

14 Justin Hitchman   6’ 4” Forward Sponsored by: Kev Cooke

15 Jamie Hayes   6’ 7” Forward To sponsor Jamie call 07828 470015

33 Shaq Lewis   6’ 6” Forward To sponsor Shaq mail leopardsbasketball@@yahoo.co.uk

41 Caleb Tabanar   6’ 9” Forward
Head Coach: Steve Ogunjimi   To sponsor Steve mail leopardsbasketball@@yahoo.co.uk

Assistant Coach: Roger Malpass – to sponsor Roger call 07828 470015