Baker ready for Liverpool test

As Leopards prepare to travel to Liverpool for the first time, head coach Thomas Baker has a good idea what to expect from the Merseyside team:
“We know a little about David Ulph having faced him last year when he played for Lancashire Spinners” he said.
“He is an effective player who gets in done at both ends and knows how he can impact the game. Another player that we will be keeping an eye on is Jack Hudson who I also feel is an important cog in what has made Liverpool successful this season.
“I feel confident that we have a roster that can cause Liverpool some problems, However, with a record of 5-2 and some important wins coming against Thames Valley, Greenhouse and Westminster we can’t underestimate them at the weekend.
“We have made some changes recently and I believe we are a better team now, in addition, throughout this season we have showed that we can demonstrate the things needed for us get to back to Division One, but it will be games against the likes of Liverpool that we will need to win if we are to do that.”