Baker: “One game will not define our season”

AFTER seeing his side lose 96-84 against rivals Hemel Storm, Leopards’ coach Thomas Baker refused to be downbeat: “One weekend or one game has not and will not define our season” he said weight watchers app herunterladen. “The attitude and approach to what’s important will.
“I am confident that we will get back to it this week in practice and be ready to go again herunterladen. We must come together and find a way to continue to play our style for 40 minutes as we hunt for the consistency that still eludes us at times, accountability across the program to do ‘us’ is crucial for our performance both on and off the court.”
While Leopards did collect their 12th league win of the campaign with a 93-91 victory at Leicester Warriors on Saturday to stay firmly in the play-off race, Baker was clearly frustrated:
“Overall it was a frustrating weekend for us” he said beyblade spiele kostenlos downloaden. “We played well in parts in both games, but at the moment we are searching for the discipline to stay focused and execute our game plan throughout alle fotos aus icloud downloaden mac.
“It is clear we can compete with the best teams in this division but we must continue to understand that if we go away from what has made us successful in the game then every team in this division will punish us download microsoft.
“Although we won on Saturday we made the game harder for ourselves then it needed to be and on Sunday we knew Hemel had the quality to hurt us and credit to [Robert] Youngblood and his team they executed extremely well in the second half.”